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When you think of the BEST packaging boxes for your business and perfect customers’ delivery packs, we produce high quality plastic boxes using lightweight but rigid materials that are also recyclable. 

We produce these varied options and sizes of boxes with thickness of up to 0.25mm, and you can also access the lighter or heavier options – as is generally required of your business.

We know what ‘quality’ businesses require ‘to distinguish’ themselves in the marketplace and thus we produce super designed plastic boxes utilizing lightweight PVC, that stands the test of time.

 When you have something special to deliver whether it is bulk orders or extremely large orders, our packaging boxes will help take care of the delivery in the safest, secure and most professional way.

If your purpose is for branding, or for optimum service deliver, or for beating competition, then these are the precise packages designed for the purpose of the offer. 


Our plastic boxes are produced using lightweight yet rigid PVC, which are recyclable. The thickness of our clear packaging boxes most usually utilized for our plastic packaging is 0.25mm. However, a lighter and heavier evaluation are accessible.
The least possible amount of square/rectangular transparent boxes are 100 and for rounds/cylinders 50. Most costs diminish with amounts of 200, 500,1000 and at numerous rectangular boxes costs continue decreasing for every thousand up to 5000.



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These are plastic boxes designed to fit your goods and products, whether fragile or hard content.


Contact us now and we will produce custom-made packaging boxes that is super tailored to your business and that shows you are professional and truly caring to your clients.


We ensure that the plastic boxes precisely fit with your piece.


You can order now and enjoy very affordable plastic boxes for your business success!


 If you genuinely seek for highly endorsed, first-rate plastic packaging quality, then look nowhere else.


We make to request explicit or clear plastic boxes, tops, and barrels for showing and improving your item at the purpose of the offer. 
We make the plastic boxes fit your piece. 
We can, of course, make covers fit for clients who as of now have a cardboard base. 
At additional data including costs for particular sizes, please utilize our online quote.

Praise from our Clients

"Love AJM Service! Fast deliver"

David White, Sydney

"Highly recommemded! Excellent plastic packaging quality."

Mary Edmonds from Ashfield

“Got a good price on custom make plastic packaging and will order some more soon.”

Jane Williams from North Ryde

“ Great packaging products! Very friendly and flexible”

Phil Davis from Tempe, NSW

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